Rubber Brush


  • Excellent for use on short haired, smooth coated breeds
  • Non-slip handle and ergonomic design
  • Features rounded head with raised rubber nubs
  • Remove excess fur
  • Remove dead and shedding fur
  • Massage the skin
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Product Details: The JW Gripsoft Rubber Brush has a round head with raised rubber nubs which are gentle on the pet’s skin. Ideal for daily brushing the JW Rubber Brush is suitable for use on short coats. Use to massage the skin, increasing circulation and promoting a healthy coat. The JW Rubber Brush is an ideal shedding tool for removing loose hair & dirt on short coated breeds.

Use while bathing to help remove excess fur or use on a dry coat to massage the skin and remove dead and shedding fur.

Safety Warning: Do not leave your dog alone with this product. Product can result in serious injury if misused. Always take care when grooming your pet, ensuring gentle application. Grooming your pet is essential for many reasons including promoting good skin and coat health and offering vital interaction between pet and owner. Always read packaging and instructions for use before using this product.



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