Nylabone Bacon Flavour Puppy Teething Chew


  • Specially developed for teething puppies
  • Aids teething, whilst soothing aching and sore gums
  • Ultimate long-lasting chew for all puppies
  • Discourages destructive behaviour around the home
  • Top-grade, puppy-friendly rubber
  • Bounces for even more fun
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Product Details: The Nylabone Teething Puppy Chew Double Action Bone Bacon Flavour Regular is designed with unique nubs and bristles that raise during chewing and massage gums, promoting clean teeth whilst prevent plaque build up. Highly therapeutic, providing long-lasting enjoyment and satisfaction, satisfying your puppy’s natural urges to chew, helping to prevent destructive chewing behaviour. Encourages positive chewing habits from a young age with Nylabone’s irresistible bacon flavouring running throughout, encouraging your pup to keep coming back for more

Delivers an array of health benefits to your pup, helping with:

    • Teething and dental development
    • Destructive Chewing
    • Stress and Anxiety
    • Boredom
    • Weight Management

Ideal for pups over 11kg

Safety Warning: Please read the packaging instructions before use.


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