Camrosa Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo


  • Effective healing of damaged skin
  • Locally made for over 20 years
  • Includes free instruction booklet
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Product Details: Our shampoo is formulated for animals with a sensitive skin and for use in conjunction with Camrosa Ointment. It should be used before applying the ointment for the first time, for the best possible results, as well as for normal bathing while the ointment is in use. It is also a very effective, unmedicated shampoo for general use and has no artificial perfumes or colourings, being based on natural ingredients. As it is mild it can be used as often as necessary and, as it is a hypo-allergenic shampoo, it can be used on all animals.

Effective Against:  Grass Allergy    Dry Skin    Hot, Reddened Patches    Hair Loss   Broken Skin    Sores & Weeping Sores    Raw Skin    Crusty & Scabby Skin    Sore Paws and Pads    Skin Pigmentation    Dark Flecks on Skin

Watch it in action here: Youtube

Please Note: Camrosa Hypo-allergenic Shampoo is highly concentrated -250mls equals 750mls of most other shampoos. We use less packaging and you get more shampoo for your money.The ointment will keep up to 2 years in cool storage.

Safety Warning: Please read instruction booklet carefully.

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