Anti Tangle Shedding Comb


    • Comb through knots and tangles
    • Firm and comfortable grip
    • Removes unwanted dead hair
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Product Details: The Mikki Shedding Comb has been carefully designed to remove dead hair from your pet during the moulting season. With the added benefit of 360° rotating teeth, this reduces hair pull and makes combing more comfortable. Run the comb through your pet’s coat applying no more pressure than you would when brushing your own hair. Allow the spinning stainless steel teeth to gently ease through any matts in the coat.

Directions for use: Combing removes loose, dead hair, dirt and prevents hair from getting tangled or matted. Brush through for a few minutes each day to keep your pet’s coat healthy and shiny. For best results use a Mikki Slicker Brush first to brush out any big knots, before using the comb.

Safety Warning: Do not leave your dog alone with this product. Product can result in serious injury if misused. Always take care when grooming your pet, ensuring gentle application. Grooming your pet is essential for many reasons including promoting good skin and coat health and offering vital interaction between pet and owner. Always read packaging and instructions for use before using this product.



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