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Social Dog Walks

Join us, along with lots of other PAWrents and their dogs, for a one hour group walk through the stunning Leybourne Lakes.

This is a great opportunity for your pooch to socialise with other dogs in a fun, outside environment

We have organised each walk to ensure that all dogs can have a fantastic time, no matter how confident your dog is! We walk in two groups, five minutes apart, to accommodate every dog’s needs. The first group is for off-the-lead fun followed by a more civilised on-lead group.

So if you have a pooch who is prone to playing up around other dogs and desperately needs to get more comfortable around other dogs, they will quickly become used to being near other dogs when outside and their behaviour will often even begin to improve at home too!

But if your dog is already comfortable around other pooches, our walks give them a fantastic chance to simply run around and play with their old friends from within the crèche or new friends!

EveryDog Social Walks are on selected Sunday mornings at 10am and are completely free to attend! You can view upcoming walks here or send us a message below.

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