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Dog Training

EveryDog’s approach is quite different from a large percentage of the dog trainers in the UK, simply because of the overwhelming evidence that treat training alone is not enough to give the long-lasting results we wanted with our dogs.

That is why the EveryDog approach to training focuses on the dog’s desire to please it’s owner without the bribery of a treats every time.

In it’s simplest form, balanced dog training refers to the use of both reward based techniques and aversive consequences. In other words, the trainer shows the dog that their choices and behaviors can result in either pleasant or unpleasant results.

Let’s say that your child refuses to sit down and do their homework. Are you going to bribe them with sweets to get them to sit down or are you more likely to take away their phone for the rest of the evening?

Balance training, in a nutshell, is about a mutual respect between human and dog. Where the dog learns that they are there to trust and follow its human’s commands and, in turn, we are there to protect and care for them. It sounds straightforward and something that parents do every single day with their children, but when dealing with canines it is actually a very complex task.

This type of training is extremely individual and, in order to get results, requires a lot of logic to figure out and respond to what each individual dog is thinking.

In the UK, you will mainly speak to Positive or Treat Trainers but you may find that this approach is not necessarily effective for long-term results which prove practical in the real world. Reward training is great for seeing a good behaviour and positively reinforcing it such as “Sit” or “Paw”; but what happens when the dog is doing the ‘wrong’ thing? What happens in six months time when even the highest currency treats such as chicken or sausage are not as interesting as chasing a squirrel?

This is where the balance of Aversion Training comes into play. This is in essence a method which uses a specifically trained distraction to allow the dog to identify the exact moment that they are doing the wrong behaviour and gives them the opportunity to correct it.

In many cases, a dog just needs to feel safe, secure and confident that you have control of the situation and, with our specially designed Balance Sessions, you can take that control back for the long-term!

1-2-1 Training

Dog’s naturally benefit from a more intimate training style. They are freed from unnecessary distractions and can often make for a much richer and productive learning experience. Our trainers and behaviourists will also be able to fully focus on you and the problems you are facing to properly diagnose the cause and figure out an effective solution.

If a new habit has formed our behaviourists can talk through the problem with you to understand where it has come from and show you the most effective ways to stop it. If your dog is pulling on the lead, has taken two steps back on all the training you have done previously, starting getting aggressive with other humans or dogs or even begun showing signs of dominance, rest assured, we have seen it all before and are here for you.

Make an Appointment

Training sessions can held inside our heated units, which means that you have the perfect environment all year round – even when it is dark early in winter or raining outside. But don’t worry, we also have an outside space which is perfect for those warmer summer days.

So, if you have a problem with your dog and are running out of ideas, give us a call or send us a message. Outline the issue in as much detail as you can and our experts will arrange a consultation and offer you the very best personalised help and guidance.

Single Class: £70
Additional Sessions: £50 p/session

We also offer in-home sessions for £110 p/session (£90 for follow-up sessions) where we can target specific issues within the home such as separation anxiety, disobedience and destructive behaviour.

Areas Covered:

Here is a short list of some of the behavioural problems in dogs that we cover:

✓ No-pull Lead Training
✓ Cool Head Reactive Dog Class
✓ Aggression Management
✓ Calm-it Hyperactivity Training
✓ Recall Training
✓ Adolescent Refreshers

✓ Stay Calm Anxiety Support
✓ Quiet Barking Training
✓ No More Accident Advice
✓ Food Aggression
✓ Quit Chewing
✓ Rule the Roost
✓ New Baby Support

Can’t see the problem you are facing? Don’t panic! Get in touch with us today and we will work with you to analyse the behaviour and find a long-lasting resolve!

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