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Can you feed my dog during the day?

Yes! We understand that some owners like to feed their puppies 3 times a day and the super helpful team here at EveryDog are more than happy to accommodate any dietary needs. Simply bring your pup’s food along when you drop off and ensure the friendly guys and gals at reception know of your dog’s special requirements.

Your pooch will not need to eat any more than usual just because they are in our crèche, so only bring lunch along if they would normally eat lunch at home.

Please Note: this service is only available for puppies up to 18 months.

Is my dog safe at EveryDog?

Rather simply, we have never had any incidents and we hope to keep it that way!

We run rigorous background checks on all our staff, frequently survey each of our properties to ensure they are maintaining our extremely high standards for off-the-lead play.

We also insist that each and every one our dog’s will have to pass a Personality Assessment to ensure they will not put any other dog at risk whilst in our care.

We do everything in our power to ensure a safe environment for your dog but if your dog does have an accident whilst in our care, we have CPD qualified first aiders on hand and are just a 2 minute drive from Sandhole Veterinary Centre – your furry friends really couldn’t be in safer hands.

What is a Personality Assessment and when can we come in to be assessed?

Personality Assessments are our first line of safety for dogs in our care. Before we can allow any dog in to our crèches we must first be confident that they are not going to put any of our other dogs or team members in harm’s way.

An assessment simply involves a few basic tests to give us clues towards a dog’s temperament and how they might react in a crèche environment.

We ask that owners remain present throughout their dog’s assessment so that we can discuss any areas of concern (if there are any).

Rather simply, we are looking to make sure that your dog is relaxed around other dogs and shows no signs of distress upon being handled by our staff.

We can assess your dog between 10am and 4pm weekdays or 10am and 3pm on Saturdays. Just give us a call on 01634 244 644 to book your dog’s Personality Assessment today!

Does my dog need to have a Personality Assessment to use your other services?

Not at all! We only ask that dogs take a Personality Assessment and register if they are going to be using our crèche. They would not need to for our Pawtrait Studio, Grooming & Spa, Training Classes or Puppy Parties.

I start work early and don’t come back home until the evening, can I use your services?

Yes! Most of our clients work full time. That is why, unlike other doggy day care facilities, we have decided to open for drop off from 6.30am and stay open for collection until 7pm!

My puppy is very small, is there a minimum age they need to be before they can join?

We encourage pups joining early! It starts them out in good stead for learning great social skills; that’s why any pup can join from 12 weeks.

All pups must have had their 2nd round of vaccinations and we may advise smaller breeds wait a few more weeks just to ensure they have a little more time to grow and get stronger.

Will my dog be walked off site?

We never take any dog outside of our secure building!

This is to put you at peace of mind, knowing there is no risk of your dog escaping.

Our fully-trained staff will keep dogs exercised and stimulated all day long so there is no need for external walks – you’ll see what we mean when your pooch comes home and heads straight for bed!

Does my dog have the chance to go outside?

Absolutely! We have designed our premises so that each play room has safe and secure access to our outside play area. Your dog has 3 “free play” periods built into their daily schedule and 1 of them will be outside, ensuring that every dog has the chance to go outside.

Can I be shown around before my dog sign up?

Of course! We want to be as transparent as possible with you.

We do not, however, offer crèche tours during the week to avoid disturbing the dogs. We can show you the crèche through our CCTV screens and viewing windows; or you have the opportunity to look around at our bi-weekly Puppy Parties.

Failing that, you can pop in on a Saturday and one of our super friendly team members can show you around.

Is there an expiry on pre-paid days?

No! Take as long as you need to use them up!

How often do I need to bring my dog?

It’s completely up to you! But we would advise that you bring them along at least twice a week to ensure they really do get the best out of the experience. This ensures that we can continue to work with your dog to improve social skills, behaviour and other skills.

Of course, once a week or even once in a blue moon is completely fine too! We are flexible to work around each of our client’s requirements.

Do dogs have to come on the same day each week?

Not at all! Work around your own schedule – we are more than able to accommodate it.

Just make sure that you book online at least 12 hours in advance to guarantee your spot!

Can I swing by in the morning and drop my dog off for the day?

We strongly advise that you pre-book online or over the phone. We simply cannot guarantee that we will have the staff if we are not expecting you.

If we do have the staff, of course, we are more than happy to take your dog in for the day!

My dog isn’t great with others. Can he still come to the crèche?

Unfortunately not. If your pooch is uncomfortable in larger groups then a crèche environment may be unnecessary stress for everyone (dogs and staff). We pride ourselves on keeping incidents to a minimum and part of this comes down to simple prevention.

If you are unsure on whether or not your dog would do well in a crèche, bring them along for a Personality Assessment and our experts will be able to assess them and make the decision on your behalf.

Do dogs fight?

No! That is why we ensure every dog passes our Personality Assessment. This means one of our trained professionals has analysed each dog that enters our crèche; they will not pass unless we deem them to be social, calm and not aggressive or a risk to other dogs.

Dogs play with their teeth and paws. Even under professional supervision, nicks, scrapes and occasional puncture wounds do happen. In the event of an injury, we will notify you immediately, or if minor, we will advise you at check-out.

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